IAAP Nordic - branschorganisationen för dig som arbetar med tillgänglighet

Syftet med IAAP är att definiera, främja och förbättra yrket tillgänglighetsexpert globalt genom nätverk, utbildning och certifiering.

IAAP Nordic Conference 2020

Welcome to IAAP Nordic Conference the 31th of March 2020. During this half-day conference we will give you the tools to succeed within accessibility.

Certifiera dig i samband med Funkas Tillgänglighetsdagar

Nu har du möjlighet att certifiera dig i samband med Funkas Tillgänglighetsdagar den 1-2 april. 

Webinar 11 March: Audible user interface - experience the web with your ears

How do people without sight use the web? What challenges and opportunities are there when websites are not rendered visually? How does the interaction differ when websites are navigated using a screen reader.

Conference 6th of May

IAAP Nordic will host an event in Stockholm the 6th of May to present the insights, recommendations and good practice examples brought forward by the project Web Accessibility in Higher Education.