Good practices for integrating web accessibility in ICT education and training at university level

A new guide to good practices in teaching web accessibility provides concrete examples and inspiration to teachers at university level. The guide has been developed by IAAP Nordic and the partners in the Erasmus + project IWAC.

At the moment, only a few universities in the EU offer courses that include web accessibility. But with recent and upcoming legislation for both public and private sector, demand for professionals that have skills and knowledge about web accessibility is on the rise. It will therefore be important that web accessibility is integrated in mainstream ICT education at university level.

For those teachers and programme managers that are new to web accessibility it can be difficult to know how to get started. This is where getting inspiration from good practices in other universities can be helpful. In a project funded by the Erasmus + programme, Mid Sweden University, Stuttgart Media University and the University of Genoa together with Funka and the IAAP have collected good practices from universities in a selection of EU member states.

The good practice guide includes concrete examples on both stand-alone courses and how web accessibility teaching can be integrated into existing courses. The guide also provides tips on how to get started and how to make a success out of the courses.

We hope that the collection will provide inspiration, both for novices but also for teachers that already teach web accessibility and are looking for new ways to vary or improve their courses.

IWAC Good practice guide, PDF (777 kb), opens in a new window