Exciting changes in the authoring tool market

The research project Cluster is taking big leaps towards built in accessibility in authoring tools. IAAP is part of a consortium of eight where we will develop functionality for automatic support to web authors who wish to publish accessible. You could also be part of it!

The project focus on creating accessibility features by default to help web authors in their content creation. There is now an opportunity to be part of the project in the form of joining the user testing. Are you a web authors who want to learn more about accessibility at the same time you are part of validating that the new features are solving relevant problems, easy to use and well working? The tests will be conducted online by Funka who is leading the project.

- Most web authors don’t have professional knowledge in accessibility. To make a change the tools must give better support, says Susanna Laurin, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka. It will be very exciting to see to what extent we can push the producers in the right direction.

The project focus on developing functionality for accessibility by default together with a cluster of authoring tool producers. The project consists of several different key players in the market, covering both licensed and open source products, it gives the project a dept in both knowledge and a great reach to the authoring tool community.

- Getting the possibility to test new functions, to get accessibility support and being paid at the same time should attract a lot of producers, says Johan Kling, Quality Manager at Funka. We expect a lot of applicants.

The project solutions will be implemented in different kinds of authoring tools and tested with users; web authors as well as person with disabilities. All the result will be available on the project website for free. If you want to join as tester, please join via the project website.

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