Webinar May 25th, 2022: WAI-ARIA - how and when to use it?

Modern web applications consist of dynamically updating content panes and complex UI elements such as dialogs, tab controls, and fly-out menus. Regular HTML was designed for displaying static pages with a limited set of interactive components. But how to describe the different types of components and their structure?

HTML still works as the backbone of web applications, but in order to describe names, states and changes in different components and structure, additional markup is needed.

WAI-ARIA is a set of techniques that can be used to provide this information to assistive technologies such as screen readers.

In this technically oriented webinar, you could learn how ARIA could be used to make specific features in your application more accessible, along with a few practical examples.

About the speaker

Timo Övermark, Digital Accessibility Lead, IAAP WAS, Eficode

Timo is an experienced accessibility specialist. In his lead role, he is responsible for the accessibility competence in Eficode. He has worked as a developer, development manager and accessibility specialist for 17 years. Timo has gained his accessibility experience designing and developing games, websites, and web applications for people with various disabilities. He is an experienced designer, developer, UX researcher and trainer.

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