Stockholm University 20 October

08:30 Registration and breakfast

09:00 Welcome to an accessible university?
Introductory remarks from Stockholm University.

Jan Pedersen, Associate Professor, Director, The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies, Stockholm University

Photo Jan Pedersen.

09:15 Web Accessibility in Higher Education
Frida Sandberg will share joint recommendations for further actions to promote and improve web accessibility training in higher education and vocational training in the Nordic countries.

Frida Sandberg
IAAP Nordic 

Photo. Frida Sandberg.

09:30 Teaching Universal Design of ICT and Web Accessibility
Recent years have seen an increasing demand for accessibility competence among current and future IT-professionals. This poses challenges and requirements for IT education in higher education institutions. In order to prepare IT students with the necessary knowledge and competence, IT education in higher education needs to incorporate accessibility in their curricula. In this presentation we will share experience and lessons learned on integrating universal design of ICT and web accessibility in IT education in OsloMet.

Weiqin Chen
, Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design at OsloMet

Photo. Weiqin Chen.

10:00 Coffee Break

10:30 Universal Design for learning, being and doing
As society becomes increasingly permeated by and reliant on digitalized infrastructure, so do the expectations on and prerequisites for what acting as a full citizen entails in terms of accessibility and participation. At Certec, Lund University, digital media, human-computer interaction, user-centred design and interaction design today cuts through most of our work. During this presentation we will elaborate on how we address and utilize accessibility from an inclusive stance grounded on Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning. The presentation will be based on material and examples from both teaching and research.

Håkan Eftring, PhD in Engineering, Assistant Professor, Director of Studies, Lund University 

Photo. Håkan Eftring.

11:00 Teaching Web Accessibility at Laurea University
It is important to include the web accessibility teaching and understanding to different study units. Accessibility comprises different fields such as technical compliance, usability and design, and cognition. It is also important to consider to use clear, proper language. During this presentation we will demonstrate how we teach web accessibility at Laurea. We also show the best practices how we have spread the web accessibility knowledge and importance among students and other universities.

Photo. Terhi Kärpänen.         Photo. Johanna Lathi.

Terhi Kärpänen,
Senior Lecturer, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Johanna Lathi, Development Manager, Laurea University of Applied Sciences 

11:30 Lunch and networking

12:30 Implementing an inclusive mindset at The Technological University of Denmark
The goal of the project ‘Technology Leaving No One Behind’ is to provide opportunities and support to make inclusive design thinking a natural part of engineering new sustainable technological solutions at the Technical University of Denmark. In this presentation Line Nykjær Johansen and Dagny Valgeirsdottir will introduce the efforts currently being developed to operationalize the goal of the project. They will furthermore address how the project aligns with the new overall strategy of the university ‘Technology for people’ and how it can support the goal of implementing an inclusive mindset across study programmes at the Technical University of Denmark.

Photo Line Johansen   Photo. Dagny Valgeirsdottir.

Line Nykjær Johansen,
Project Coordinator, DTU Skylabs 
Dagny Valgeirsdottir, Postdoc, Technical University of Denmark

13:00 Ongoing and upcoming projects on Web Accessibility in Higher Education  

Susanna Laurin, Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Funka 

Photo. Susanna Laurin.

13:30 Panel 

14.30 Closing remarks

14.45 End of Conference



Frida Sandberg. Photo

For more information, please contact Frida Sandberg, Project Manager, 
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