Accessibility Training in Higher Education Research

An important topic, which IAAP is always pushing for is making sure the next generation of developers, designers, and content creators learn the basics of accessibility during their university training.

Together with leading universities in the Nordic countries, IAAP has investigated the current situation to understand what is needed for more training providers to offer accessibility courses and shared best practices between Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The project partners have decided to keep working together and we have also applied for another joint research project.

Together with leading European universities covering the South, Central, and Northern EU IAAP has also created a MOOC on accessibility training, free for anyone to use, a handbook, and a collection of good practices.

In this project, we are currently involving IAAP members to contribute with real-life cases! The five most engaging cases will be publicized on (1) the IAAP Nordic website, (2) added to the CPACC BoK as approved by the IAAP Professional Certification Committee, and (3) Feature on an IAAP membership webinar. Read more about how you can contribute on the submission form. The deadline for submission is September 15, 2021.

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