Webinar 8 December: How to integrate web accessibility in ICT courses in higher education

Web accessibility is gaining importance as a key competence for ICT students to learn. In this webinar, we will discuss the value of web accessibility teaching at university level as well as learn about tools to use for teaching web accessibility. IAAP Nordic, Funka and partnering universities will share insights from the development of teaching materials as part of an EU-funded research project called IWAC

More and more universities are starting to realise the importance of teaching web accessibility as a part of the ICT curricula. With the new and upcoming European legislation as well as an increased general awareness of the importance of accessible websites, newly graduated ICT professionals with skills in web accessibility will be highly sought after in both private and public sector. But for teachers and programme managers that are new to web accessibility, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to go about creating a course on the topic.

In this webinar we will share insights on how web accessibility can be integrated in ICT education and you will learn about some concrete tools that can be used as teaching material in new courses. This webinar is highly relevant for teachers looking for inspiration and everyone interested in the integration of web accessibility into ICT education.

Time: 8 December 13:00-15:00 CET
Place: Webinar through Zoom

Free of charge and open for everyone. 


  • Why web accessibility training in higher education is important. Paul Bohman, Director of Training, Deque Systems.
  • Presentation of IWAC project. Frida Sandberg, Project Manager, IAAP Nordic.
  • General recommendations: presentation and short discussion. Sara Kjellstrand, Research Strategist, Funka.
  • Introduction on practical tools for European universities: handbook and guidelines. Marina Ribaudo, Associate Professor, University of Genoa.
  • Presentation of MOOC:s. Christophe Strobbe, Accessibility researcher at Stuttgart Media University.
  • Presentation of cases. Lisa Sällvin, Lecturer, Mid Sweden University.

About the project

The project Integrating Web Accessibility in ICT Courses (IWAC) is a EU-funded research project running from 2019 to 2021. The project is led by Mid Sweden University working together with Stuttgart Media University, the University of Genoa, Funka and IAAP. The main aim of the project is to address the lack of teaching of web accessibility in ICT courses at universities across Europe. The project results will provide universities with practical tips and tools for introducing web accessibility into the curricula of all relevant educational programmes. In addition, the project will encourage the exchange of experiences and lessons learned.

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