Webinar 15 May: How to avoid common mistakes and reduce accessibility issues

Join our webinar 15 May to learn more about the public platform Accessuse.eu that is the outcome of a EU-funded project called COMPARE. The website shows how commonly used web components effect users with disabilities and assistive technology.

From January 2017 till December 2018, Funka, one of the founders of IAAP, participated in the project COMPARE in association with DIAS in Germany and BrailleNet in France.

WCAG is an international standard and all regulations on web accessibility point to WCAG in one way or another. The challenge of this is that though the standard is global, the implementation will take place locally. This causes certain differences in how accessibility experts interpret the success criterions in WCAG and whether they are complied sufficiently. 

The object of the project was to tackle the lack of consensus in the industry and to foster a common understanding among professional experts on accessibility throughout Europe. One of the cornerstones of the project was to establish a web-based learning module in order to spread knowledge about commonly used web components and how they effect users with disabilities and assistive technology.

The learning module goes by the name Accessuse.eu and is a public platform where back-end as well as front-end developers, UX designers and editors can learn how to avoid common mistakes and reduce accessibility issues.

Sandra Eriksson, CPWA certified accessibility expert at Funka, will present the Access&Use website during the webinar. The webinar will be held in english.

15 May 13:00-13:30 swedish time

Where: Webbinar via Adobe Connect

Sign up by sending a email to frida.sandberg@iaapnordic.org. Free of charge for members in IAAP Nordic.