Quality Hotel Friends, Solna, 8 April

11:30 Registration
12:00 Lunch and networking
13:00 Impact of certification for accessibility professionals 

Christopher M. Lee, Ph.D. is an international expert in accessibility field. He is an author and public speaker on learning disabilities and assistive technology. He has received and served as principal investigator on numerous research grants and contracts. Christopher serves a Managing Director of the IAAP. 

Christopher Lee. Photo.

13:20 Why is Walt Disney Parks & Resorts so involved with IAAP?

Jay Cardinali, CPACC, has more than 30 years of experience within Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, most recently as Worldwide Accessibility Manager. He is also the Chair of Global Leadership Council for IAAP.

Jay Cardinali. Photo.

13:30 Enabling the organisation – making accessibility work for you and your enterprise

Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility at Atos will talk about what they do for accessibility at Atos and why and how they do it. He will also talk about policies and governance, communication and collaboration and how to grow the skill base. 

Neil Milliken is responsible for Accessibility & Digital Inclusion at Atos, a leading digital services organisation with circa 123,000 employees in 73 countries.


14:15 Slicing the elephant – how to feasibly make 14,000 user interfaces accessible 

SAP has a huge number of user interfaces across its products, for example more than 14,000 in the next generation ERP software SAP S/4HANA. The accessibility of these user interfaces needs to be considered as part of the product development, managed, and communicated to customers and partners. Learn how SAP’s framework for accessibility drives and supports that, how they got everybody onboard, the internal processes they have put in place to succeed and how they met the unique challenges of a huge global product.

Andreas Huppert is a senior software architect at SAP. He works at the SAP headquarter in Walldorf (Germany) in the product management of SAP S/4HANA. His role is to make sure that SAP S/4HANA follows SAPs own standards for software development and has critical qualities – with a focus on accessibility.

Andreas Huppert. Foto.

15:00 Coffee break and networking
15:30 Accessibility - Make It Your Business

Onboarding accessibility in cross-functional teams and how to integrate accessibility within organizations based on best practice addressing business aspects and benefits of accessibility and inclusive design.

  • Accessibility and Inclusive Design
  • Onboarding Accessibility in cross-functional teams
  • How to maintain Accessibility in organizations with a natural approach

Ulrika af Klint is a Digital Art Director at Maverick by Sigma. With 20 years of experience in Brand Development and Strategic Design Ulrika is passionate about her business approach in integrating strategy within design and development of strong design concepts. She differentiates and develops the customer's brand with a user focus.

Currently, Ulrika is Lead of Graphic Design at the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten) where she delivers design and strategy from vision to practical implementation for over 5 cross-functional teams in close collaboration with user experience competencies, input from agile processes and user tests - from concept development to ensuring quality of detailed design with front-end where accessibility is in focus.

Photo Ulrika.

Victoria Ben-Chivar is a UX/UI Designer at Maverick by Sigma. Victoria contributes to business acumen through the Voice of the User and strongly believes in Inclusive Design. With 5 years of experience in UX Design and 10 years in Visual Design as a whole she also believes that Accessibility in design should be considered a standard in all industries.

Currently, Victoria is UX Lead at Sweden’s top pharmacy Apoteket. She works in an agile environment with 3 cross-functional teams in close collaboration with Developers, Product Owners, Stakeholders and UX team. Her daily routine starts from ideas and hypothesis to concept development, ensuring quality of design with front-end where accessibility is in focus.

Photo Victoria.

16:00 Panel discussion 
16.30 End of conference

Christopher M. Lee will be the moderator.

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