Could your next authoring tool help improve accessibility?

Take the opportunity to learn more about built in accessibility in authoring tools and influence the market sharing your experiences!

If accessibility could be provided by default by authoring tools, life would be so much easier for everyone. If you would like to know more about what accessibility features the most popular authoring tools in public sector in EU can offer, join one of Funka's workshops in Brussels!

The workshops are specifically designed to meet demands of three target audiences:

  • October 15th the perspective of end users with disabilities is in focus (co-host: EDF)
  • October 16th web professionals from public sector are invited (co-host: ERRIN)
  • October 17th we welcome CMS producers, suppliers and providers as well as standardisation experts (co-host: ANEC)

As a participant, you can impact actual implementation of built in accessibility features and support in authoring tools. The workshops are interactive and discussion is encouraged.

During the workshops, Funka will present draft guidelines based on the results of the prototypes developed and tested in the EU-funded research project We4Authors. The guidelines are directed to each target group and will be refined based on workshop results.

The workshops are free of charge, but you need to register in advance. The number of seats is limited.

Registration and practical information

We4Authors is a EU-funded research project lead by Funka, partnering with CTIC. They have mapped the most popular authoring tools in the public sector throughout the EU and tested them when it comes to built in accessibility features and support for web authors to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive. The next step is to initiate a dialogue on how the future authoring tools can provide better support for accessibility by default.