IAAP Nordic Conference, 23 November

13:00 Welcome and introductory remarks
Robert Hecht, Senior Adviser at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), will welcome you to the conference at the national standardisation organisation ITS. Robert is chairman of the ITS working group Human Factors and he will introduce you to the focus of the working group and the relation to the European standardisation organisation ETSI. ITS has been closely involved in the development of the accessibility standard EN 301 549.

Photo Robert Hecht

13:15 Impact of certification for accessibility professionals 

Christopher M. Lee, Ph.D. is an international expert in the accessibility field. He is an author and public speaker on learning disabilities and assistive technology. He has received and served as principal investigator on numerous research grants and contracts. Christopher serves a Managing Director of the IAAP. 

Christopher Lee. Photo.

13:30 How Deutsche Telekom has build accessibility into their business
Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with 178 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines, and 20 million broadband lines. Anne-Marie Nebe will share Deutsche Telekom's methods for centering accessibility as a goal for the company and describe how they make sure that they get returns on their investment in this work. She will also share accessibility tips for different roles in the software development process.

Anne-Marie Nebe studied graphic design at the Bauhaus Dessau. As a freelancer and honorary lecturer, she worked primarily in the areas of design, typography and cross-media development. As an Accessibility & Usability Expert at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH and as Head of the Accessibility Working Group at German UPA, she is responsible for inclusion by means of accessible IT.

Photo of Ann-Marie Nebe

14:15 I care, how can I engage others?
How can you go from being one crazy accessibility passionista, screaming loudly without anyone really listening to having a team of people engaging and caring? I will share my ideas and learnings implementing an accessibility culture in a company with a broad competence scale.

Erik Gustafsson works as Accessibility Specialist at Digitalist. His passion is accessibility, removing barriers to enable people to be the most they can be. Things I love but do not do that often as I'd like is going to rock concerts, drinking weird beer and playing Disc Golf.

Picture of Erik Gustavsson.

14:45 Coffee and networking 
How to build accessibility into your organisation - BBC Accessibility Champions
An Accessibility Champions Network is a great way to build your internal capability and change the culture of your organisation to make inclusive design and development business as usual. So what is a champions network? How do you start building one? What are the options? How long does it take to build?

Emma Pratt-Richens, Senior Accessibility Specialist at the BBC talks about how the BBC has grown and supports its network of accessibility champions.

Photo of Emma Pratt Richens

16:00 Panel discussion with all speakers

16.30 Thank you for today! 

Christopher M. Lee will be the moderator.